Round 1 - The future of energy is nuclear.

Announced: 10:04.
Round start: 10:24.

Round 2 - Social media is dying.

Announced: 11:31
Round start: 11:51

Round 3 - An open hand is preferable to a closed fist in the United States criminal justice system.

Announced: 7:38
Round start: 7:58

Round 4 - Practical skills ought to be valued over general education by colleges and universities in the United States.

Announced: 7:33
Round start: 7:53

Round 5 - The USFG should end the National Flood Insurance Program.

Announced: 11:00
Round start: 11:20

Round 6 - The NCAA should remove restrictions on financial compensation to college athletes.

Announced: 1:00
Round start: 1:20

Outround 1
1. Trumponomics is better for Main Street than Wall Street.
2. Impossible burgers are here to stay.
3. H.R. 1965, the Puerto Rico Admission Act, should become law.

Announced: 10:31
Round start: 10:51

Outround 2
1. Fracking does more harm than good.
2. Obesity is the greatest threat to U.S. health.
3. The United Kingdom should rip the Brexit band-aid off.

Announced: 1:04
Round start: 1:24

Outround 3
1. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase investment in infrastructure projects.
2. Venezuela is the next Syria.
3. UN peacekeepers cause more harm than good.

Announced: 5:59
Round start: 6:19

Semi Finals
1. The Electoral College ought to be preserved.
2. The United States should withdraw from NATO.
3. The Fed is too focused on inflation.

Announced: 12:54
Round start: 1:14

1. Persons convicted of a felony should be allowed to vote after completing their prison term.
2. The USFG should hold Big Pharma accountable in the opioid crisis.
3. When considering Big Tech Censorship, market forces are to be preferred over government regulation.